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Deathlock by thedude255 Deathlock by thedude255
It was only a matter of time before the mysterious attacker would finally manage to catch Eclipse in the enclosed space she was trapped in. Even with her ability to take flight, Eclipse could not escape the reaching mechanical tentacles attached to the crimson hooded figure.

Pulled straight against her attacker, Eclipse struggled desperatley as the tentacles quickly began to wrap around her body, binding her to the hooded figure before slowly squeezing her. Eclipse knew she could not avoid hurting this woman in order to escape her grasp, but the longer she hesitates to blast her away from point range, the more her strength begins to fade... can she do it?


Seriously... can she? Eclipse is unfortunatley very passive, but in this situation she probably will end up giving our tech wearing hooded figure a shadow blast in the face for her troubles.

This work was mainly to experiment with tentacles that I purchased not all too long ago. Not as easy as the snake to pose as there are sections to each tentacle that have to be posed individually. It's not too bad to use but it does take time, quite a bit of it, and I made the mistake of chucking in 6 tentacles to this experiment.

Quite pleased with the final result, first chance I've had to use Eclipse too in one of my works which is nice as she's a model I'm very proud of given her likliness to the actual character I made. I'm tempted to make this one into a series in due time like the previous V work with the snake. It's easy enough to make prequal images and an ending, but this is it for now.

Yeah I'm a villian too when it comes to my perils, they all involve some poor girl getting squished, but at least they make it out okay by the end with me :P

Eclipse is a character by myself

Here's some alternative angles...
Branded-Curse Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Is it possible U use these kind of tentacles on a twosome anytime soon? :-)
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March 16, 2009
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